Have an astrology reading or a question with a difference.


I combine astrology with clearing, where we use astrology to see where there might be blocks or challenges in your life.


If any blocks or challenges show up in your Astrological Reading I will share these with you when we meet online.

For this I will need

Your Name

Your Birth Date

The time of your Birth

The place of your Birth


Email me these details and that which you want to discover more about. This may be a specific question but the answer may not be specific, it is more related to blocks that you may encounter and clearing those blocks.

I use energy clearing just like the Vedic astrology would use Yagyas.


Once I have the details I will check the charts, noticing in particular where blocks may be and then will get in touch with you to arrange a time, limit 30 minutes, where we can discuss the findings and clear as we can.

We can use Skype or Zoom for the online call.

For those not familiar with ‘clearing’ I will clear and explain what is happening as we move through the session.


Cost, €95 paid via Paypal …. t.luttrell@me.com

Contact me, t.luttrell@me.com with your question and details as listed above.